Workshops and Lectures

To inquire about booking Carolyn for a speaking engagement or workshop, please contact: Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, LCSW at 646 418-6767 or


Sample Workshop Topics: (customized workshops are available by request)

The Road Mother Travels:
Examine the social and emotional stages of pregnancy and motherhood.

The Toddler Years:
Where there's a will there's a way. Become skilled at techniques to make your life much easier.

The Growing Family:
Bringing home a sibling is not as easy as it looked on The Brady Bunch! Learn how to keep peace in the house.

Boosting Your Child's Self Esteem:
To praise or not to praise? How parents can foster self-love in their children?

Raising Resilient Children:
How to bring up children that are flexible and well adjusted so they can master life's challenges.

Camp with Confidence:
Learn how to ease the transition to sleep away camp. Sleep-away camp can be a positive, life affirming experience for a child. Preparing your child emotionally for this major transition can make all the difference on whether it is a success!

Ain't Misbehavin':
Master discipline strategies that work on kids from birth to adolescence.

Bring it Down a Notch:
Helping your child self-regulate and control themselves is a critical element to help them build loving relationships and a successful work/school life. Acquire ways to help your child master these skills.

3-Dimensional Parenting:
Look to your past to develop your own parenting voice. Repeating our past is as easy as swimming with the current. Choose for yourself what elements from your past you want to embrace as a parent and what you may want to do differently.

Where is the love?:
Discover ways to maintain a loving and lasting relationship, with your partner. Learn new and effective ways of communicating with one another.


Past Workshop Venues for Parents and Caregivers

  •  Baby Bites, NYC, NY
  •  Central Presbyterian Church, NYC, NY
  • *Christ Church, NYC, NY
  • *Christ Church Day School, NYC, NY
  •  Deutsche Bank, NYC, NY
  • *Goldman Sachs, NYC, NY
  •  National Association of Legal Search Consultants, NYC, NY
  • *New Mother's Luncheons, NYC, NY
  • *New Mommies Network, NYC, NY
  •  9/11 Bereavement Group, Long Island, NY
  •  Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Brooklyn, NY
  • *Parenting Horizons, NYC, NY
  • *P.S. 166, NYC Public School System, NYC, NY
  • *Rodeph Sholom Early Learning Center, NYC, NY
  • *Rutgers Presbyterian Church, NYC, NY
  •  Safra Synagogue, NYC, NY
  • *St. Bartholomew's Church, NYC, NY
  • *The JCC in Manhattan, NYC, NY
  • *The Parent's League, NYC, NY
  •  Temple Israel Nursery School, NYC, NY
  •  UJA-Federation, Scarsdale, NY
  •  UJA Early Childhood Conference, North NJ
  • *Westside YMCA Coop Nursery School, NYC, NY
  • *William B. Ward Elementary School, New Rochelle, NY

Past Workshop Venues for Teachers and Staff

  •  Board of Jewish Education Conference for Early Educators, New Rochelle, NY
  •  First Presbyterian Church Nursery School, NYC
  • *P.S.199 Elementary School, NYC Public School System, NYC
  • Tri-State Camp Conference, American Camp Association, Atlantic City, NJ

*denotes return engagement