Carolyn Meyer-Wartels

156 West 86th Street, 1A
Buzzer 41
New York, NY 10024

Carolyn Meyer-Wartels, LCSW-R is an experienced psychotherapist who has been working in private practice on Manhattan's Upper West Side since 1996. Empathic and direct, she offers a variety of therapeutic services for individuals, young and school-age children, couples, and families. Whether clients have parenthood or marital conflicts, or suffer from anxiety, depression, or other personal issues, Carolyn walks them through the process of therapy and uses a non-judgmental, interactive approach to find practical solutions for complex problems. She is specifically tuned in to the needs of New York City individuals and families. Her work is grounded by her strong intuition, compassionate nature, and deep dedication coupled with a solid understanding of people that are used together to enrich and improve the lives of individuals and families.

"Carolyn is kind and seems to genuinely care about the people she treats. She is also a lot of fun. While she has a great sense of humor she still manages to approach peoples' issues with sensitivity, candor, and intelligent practicality."

— M. F

"Carolyn is such a valuable resource for my patients' parents! Her professional, positive, and easygoing manner, combined with her expertise in parenting and development, make her extremely effective in providing insight into the common struggles of parenting. I am confident that many parents, children and families are better off thanks to the care Carolyn provides!"

— Michael N. Yaker, MD, Westside Pediatrics, New York

To schedule an appointment with Carolyn, call 646-418-6767 or email

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